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C.M. No. 1751 of 2016 in
CWP No. 22308 of 2015

Shri Hanumant Shiksha Samiti (Regd.) and others
M.D. University Rohtak and another

Release of Yoga Module


Any graduate of this University or any other statutory University, who after passing the examination for the Bachelor’s degree in the faculty with 50% marks, has undergone the course of training for the Degree of Bachelor of Education for one year at a college/Department of University, admitted to the privileges of the University for this examination and* has attended not less than 85% of the total number of lectures delivered in each paper/subject and 75% of the periods held in practicals/map work, in each paper/subject during the academic year.(The college/department of university shall be required to deliver at least 75% of the total number of lectures prescribed for each paper/subject). The shortage in the attendance of lectures by the candidates will be condoned as per the university rules.

*A student who is unable to appear in the examination owing to shortage in the prescribed course of lectures in the subject or subjects may be allowed to appear at the following examination, if he, makes up the deficiency in the subject or subjects concerned by attending lectures at a college/department of university admitted to the privileges of the Punjabi University.