Library Rules

  • Students are not allowed to enter the library without the Library cards.
  • Every student should have to maintain silence in the library.
  • Students should have to keep their belongings at the space provided (near the entrance)
  • Students are not allowed to come with eatables and their mobile phones must be switched off during the time they are in the library.
  • Shifting of chairs from one table to another is allowed but with no noise.
  • Library books or Magazines for reading purpose are allowed within Library premises and that too on Library Cards.
  • Library issue/return timings are 10:00 A.M.- 2:30 P.M.
  • Maximum two books can be issued on a library card for the period of Fourteen days and Four books to Faculty Members for the     period of 1 month and two books to Non-Teaching Staff for the period of a month
  • An overdue charge of Rs 2/- per volume per day will be levied if a book is kept beyond the permissible period of loan and Rs 50/-     per volume per day for Reference and special stock.
  • The books are not renewable ordinarily. The books may, however, be renewed if not in demand, at the discretion of the Librarian.
  • The Librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time if necessity arises.
  • Books lost or damaged will be paid for or replaced to the satisfaction of the Librarian. Readers shall not write upon, damage or mark any book, periodical, map or material belonging to the library.
  • Students are not allowed to stand in front of the library hall.
  • Any damage to the library material i.e. Books, furniture, almirahs and electronic equipment etc will strictly be charged with  replacement or payment of material’s price.
  • Borrower’s card are Non-Transferrable and in case of loss, the duplicate card may be issued on payment of Rs30/-.
  • No Book will be issued without the Library cards for all of students as well as for Staff members.
  • Any injury to book is a serious offence. Unless a Borrower points out the injury at the time of borrowing the Book, He/She shall be required to replace the book or pay its price.
  • The Books are issued in the library on First Come First Serve basis .
  • The Special Stock and Reference Material may be issued for overnight at the discretion of the Principal, for this the borrower has to make request in writing to the Principal.
  • Last but not least the Library is meant for self study not a discussion hall for students and they must maintain silence in the library.